Clean Air- Biodiesel
Clean Air- Biodiesel

Because students are our business, we care about their health and well-being.  We were the first school bus company to switch our entire fleet to biodiesel fuel, which burns cleaner and puts fewer toxic emissions into the air.

We then created the Clean Air Club and the Clean Air Club Bus, an online resource for kids to learn more about keeping their environment clean and a mobile, hands-on museum that travels to schools around Chicagoland.

Recently, we became the first school bus company in Illinois to acquire a hybrid school bus.  This established us as a leader in green student transportation.

Our commitment to students doesn’t end when they step off the bus. For more information on our green initiatives, please call our corporate office at 708-560-9840

“If only more companies and individuals would make a commitment to the Earth like Cook-Illinois has…”

Pamela K. Hollich
Superintendent, District 167