We have made a strong commitment to health and wellness for our employees and are constantly looking for new ways to be innovative and go above and beyond typical workplace wellness programs. What’s our newest project? An old school bus turned into a mobile farmer’s market-Vegetation Transportation!

The design for the outside of the bus was created by one of our own employees; a driver out of our North Shore location. We are working with farms in the surrounding areas to supply fresh, locally grown produce. Once the bus is loaded up, it will then travel to our various bus companies throughout the Chicagoland area and sell the produce to our employees at minimal cost. The goal is not to make a profit, but to make it easy and convenient for employees to purchase fresh produce. Recipes and on-site cooking demonstrations will also be provided by our own registered dietitian, to show the employees what to do with the fresh produce and how to cook healthy meals.

This is just one of many health initiatives we have taken on. We want our employees to know we care and appreciate all of the hard work they put in day after day!