ChicagoBusSalesChicago Bus Sales is a wholesale distributor of parts and equipment. Our parts division, Chicago Bus Sales – Parts, is centrally located on the same property as our Body Shop and our Machine Shop. We stock over 5,000 school bus parts and assemblies at our 7,600 square foot facility. With the help of RTA Fleet Maintenance Software™, we are able to track all inventory, monitor warranties, and maximize usage. Any of our operating terminals, as well as our Body Shop, can place an order for any part and receive it within twenty-four hours, regardless of size, such as hoods, leaf springs, radiators, mufflers, replacement glass, or rail rubs. Operating our own parts terminal allows us to track usage and buy in bulk most commonly used items such as head lights, marker lights, taillights, spark plugs, shocks and brake pads. Estimating and tracking usage allows us the ability to shop and buy in bulk, reducing costs.

Phone: 708-757-3010 | Fax: 708-757-3443

Contact: Karl Hamann
20613 South Torrence Avenue, Lynwood, Illinois 60411

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