Transport the youth of today in a safe, efficient and friendly environment.

  • Even though we are a large company, we operate on using “small business practices.” All of our customers have access to our managers, and owners at any time.
  • Our company empowers our managers so that quick decisions can be made to correct problems and supply our students a safe ride to and from school.

Quality Standards

SAFETY provides for a safe work environment and safe equipment to transport students by:
-Providing equipment to transport students that meet or exceed industry stands
-Following policies and procedures
-National professionals to support, review, and scrutinize our practices and procedures
-Current and forward thinking training techniques
-Following current industry knowledge
-School bus maintenance followed, documented, and controlled

INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE is used to implement best practices for the transportation of all students with:
-An understanding of the individual needs of students
-Cooperative problem solving
-The use of industry experts to help us set policies and procedures
-Sharing our transportation expertise
-Continual learning at Industry Conferences
-Participation in Industry Organizations

PROFESSIONALISM is expected in all areas of our operation. It is evident when:
-Each student is transported with care and respect
-Customers and employees are respected
-A clean and safe place to work is provided
-Promoting a positive attitude
-Encouraging the proper dress and attitude
-Timely and accurate responses to customers and fellow employees are given

EFFICIENCY provides for a well run operations that can respond to unique and change needs of our customers by:
-Providing an appropriate bus ride for each student
-Operational readiness
-A well trained and prepared staff
-Utilizing current technology with routing and GPS
-Fiscal responsibility to our customers and corporation
-Performing internal audits of operations