1. All applicants must have a smart phone and internet access.
  2. Complete application.
  3. Participate in the one day Orientation @ CIC on October 21st.

Driver then begins the 13 Week Basic Program:

  • Exercise for at least 15 minutes each day following the Active Trucker program in Skimble Workout Trainer
  • Log Nutrition in Cronometer & Exercise/Heart Rate data in Skimble each day
  • Consult with your Coach frequently; weekly review with instructions for the next week

To remain in compliance throughout the 13 weeks, Driver must:

  • Successfully log nutrition each day
  • Successfully log 15 minutes of daily exercise and record heart rate data in the Skimble Active Trucker workout program
  • Complete weigh-ins on the Tanita Scale every week

During the final 13th Week

  1. Complete program survey
  2. Final report and consultation.
  3. If driver was compliant through the 13 weeks, driver keeps equipment.