I certify that all of the information given on this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.

I authorize Cook-Illinois Corporation to make such investigations and inquiries of my personal, employment, financial or medical history and other related matters as may be necessary to make an employment decision. (Generally inquiries regarding medical history will be made only if and after a conditional offer of employment has been extended.) I hereby release employers, schools, healthcare providers and other persons from all liability in responding to inquires and releasing information in connection with my application.

I understand that information I provide regarding current and/or previous employers may be used, and those employers will be contacted, for the purpose of investigating my safety performance history as required by 49 CFR 391.23 (d) and (e). I understand I have the right to:

  • Review information provided by the previous employers;
  • Have errors in the information corrected by previous employers and for those previous employers to re-send the corrected information to the prospective employer; and
  • Have a rebuttal statement attached to the alleged erroneous information, if the previous employer(s) and I cannot agree on the accuracy of the information.

I understand that any misrepresentation, false statements, or omissions of facts on this application may result in my not being considered for employment and if employed, will be grounds for immediate termination.

I understand that if I am extended a job offer I will be required to pass a physical, drug test and will be subject to random drug and alcohol testing as specified by Company policy.

I understand that should an employment offer be extended to me and accepted, I will fully comply with all the policies, rules and regulations of employment at the Company. However, I further understand that neither the policies, rules, regulations or employment, nor anything said during the interview process, is intended to create an employment contract. I understand that any employment offered is for an indefinite duration and “At Will” and that either I or the Company may terminate my employment at any time with or without notice or cause. I understand that no representative of the Company has the authority to make any promises that conflict with this paragraph.