Joe lost 30lbs since April by starting to exercise daily and change his diet. Read his inspiring story….

Joe Hackett works at Grand Prairie Transit, Mount Prospect. In April, he spent three weeks at his brother’s ranch in Colorado. Joe was more active than ever helping out on the ranch and inspired by his brother’s healthy eating habits. ”Before this trip, I rarely cooked for myself. I ate on the go often eating pizza and burgers” Joe explained. He shifted to eating vegetables and good sources of protein every day. By the end of three weeks, he felt good and wanted to continue to be active and eat better. When he returned home to Illinois, he reached out to his brother in Oregon who works out regularly. They began exercising together via video conferencing. Joe also continued to cook healthy meals for himself. He eats chicken and fish weekly. He orders quality, low cost meat from Market Day. Joe purchased a bike and has a new found passion for being outside, biking numerous trails on a weekly basis.

In addition to dropping from 230lbs to 198lb, Joe lowered his cholesterol by 100 points. He went from 209 to 111 in three months and is no longer on cholesterol medication (Lipitor).   Joe attributes this change to eating foods each day that are rich in omega fatty acids: sardines in olive oil, avocado, seeds and nuts. By finding inspiration and support in his brothers, making diet and exercise a priority, Joe transformed his health. Congratulations to Joe!