Cradles to Crayons 4th Annual Backpack-a-thon was in full swing at the Chicago Daley Center this past week.

North Shore Transit was on hand to help deliver some of the 50,000 backpacks to local area students.

This year’s event had over 800 volunteers stuffing 50,000 backpacks with new school supplies and loading them for delivery to local area schools.  North Shore Transit was able to assist in delivering these backpacks with new supplies for kids who’d otherwise start school without them.  Too often, kids are not set up for success because they lack necessities.  Starting school without basic supplies can hinder students’ self-esteem, attendance and success. Cook-Illinois Corporation and North Shore Transit were happy to help support Cradles to Crayons “Ready for School” Initiative by helping deliver part of the 50,000 backpacks with supplies to local area students in need.