Obesity plagues those whose chosen profession is driving. This can have a negative effect on moral, ability to effectively complete ones duties and, leaves the individual vulnerable to life threatening illnesses. We, at Cook-Illinois, remain committed to helping our employees live healthy lifestyles, void of the troubles that come with being obese. So, we’ve decided to start 2019 with a bang! In comes Gr8 W8 (Great Weight), a program that encourages 4 basic healthy principles including; hydration, nutrition, physical activity and rest.

For 8 weeks, participants will focus on drinking at least 8 glasses of water, exercise for at least 30 minutes, consume at least 8 servings of fruits and vegetables and, sleep for 8 hours per night. All this should be done daily with the goal of losing 8 pounds in 8 weeks! We are proud to announce, that over 250 of our employees have made the commitment to take control of their personal health by joining the program!

Participants began the program in mid-January by stepping on the scale and having their waist circumference measured. They will complete another fitness assessment at the midway point of the program, in February. This second fitness assessment will be their chance to discuss their successes and challenges with the on staff Health and Wellness Manager. They will also receive inspiration to finish the second half of the program strong!

At close of the program, in March, participants will complete their last fitness assessment. If they’ve lost 8 pounds they will receive a $25 visa gift card! We are also awarding a $100 prize to the “Biggest Loser” in each of our 3 regions!

We, at Cook-Illinois, are looking forward to a happy healthy 2019!